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Why my gigs was denied? But same types of gigs are LIVE in Fiverr. Why?


I have added a gigs title was “I will promote website with contextual link in quora.”. Many days ago, Fiverr removed my this same types of gigs. Then I have added same type of service gigs. Fiverr again and again removed my gigs.

Deny Reasons: Third party TOS violation.

I want to know who filled my DMCA Takedown Notice?

But my question is that same types of gigs are LIVE in Fiverr. They are selling service. How it is possible?

But there have many same gigs are LIVE in Fiverr. How it is possible? Is they are not violating Terms of Service?

Same Gigs URL-
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Please confirm me that is these gigs violating Terms of Service?

I think that same gigs also violating Terms of Service because my gigs was same.



They haven’t been caught yet.

Keep doing that, and you’ll get permanently banned from Fiverr.

Have you thought about offering something else? Something that’s allowed?


I contract with Fiverr support but they did not give me satisfactory answer.


You are selling links on a site that doesn’t belong to you - also known as spamming.
Of course this is not allowed.

As for the other gigs - I heard someone robbed a bank yesterday and hasnt been caught, doesn’t mean I should expect it to be ok if I do it.
If it is against the rules then it is against the rules - some havent been caught yet for whatever reason. Better to focus on what you are doing than on what someone else is anyway. Find something else you can do.


I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel that Fiverr gave you that answer that YOU want to hear. As my teacher wife likes to tell her Kindergarten students when they make poor choices… “tough tater tots tooter.” Fiverr provided you with an answer. That is the final answer regarding those gigs. You can accept their answer, and move on to appropriate gigs that do not break the rules, or you can keep breaking the rules, and eventually be permanently banned from Fiverr.

YOU have a choice. Make the right one.