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Why my IG gig has been DENIED?

Hello, fiver forum recently my one gig denied fiverr. my gig impression is 11k and 24 order grab this gig still available 10 order in this gig. last day I just increase my gig delivery time but today they denied my gig. How can I solve this issue please help me

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If your gig has been denied you will have been given a reason.

Nobody on the forum can reinstate your gig.

We are just buyers and sellers.


We can’t suggest why this happened if you don’t tell us anything about your gig.

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i just edit delivery time last month my gig rank 1st page 3 keywords and i receive 24 order. I did not know why they denied my gig.

If you type “Instagram gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

If none of these are helpful suggest you contact Customer Support.

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thanks for your suggestion

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