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Why my impressions are getting down

Hello Fiverr Family,

In the previous month, I was getting orders pretty frequently. But this month I stopped getting orders and my gig’s impression started to get lower. I have 20 successful order completion and 2 cancellations. Here is the link to my gig . Please let me know what is wrong with my gig. Thanks.


Promote your gigs on social media. Then the impressions will increase.

No @sldesign937, promoting gigs on social media will not – I repeat, NOT – increase impressions. Impressions are ONLY registered ON FIVERR, when someone searches Fiverr or loads a category page, and a gig shows up in the search/page results. Impressions have absolutely nothing to do with off-site links.

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@jonbaas Thank you for explaining. I want to ask one more thing. I saw a guy with no seller level only with 11 reviews, coming on the 1st age. I have 20 reviews. Why my gig is showing up on 10th page?

When Gigs is promoted on social media
Impressions, views, clicks increase.
When the gigs are not promoted, it all goes down.
You can promote the gigs and understand the difference.
Promote the Gigs one day to get to know you better
Do not promote the next day
Then the promotion days have increased and
You can see how the days of non-promotion are down
Try this first.

You (or any of us sellers, for that matter) have no control over where your gig shows up in the search results. It will show up where the automatic search system places it, based upon your Analytics metrics, and other stats only Fiverr knows.

Once again, no, impressions do NOT increase when gigs are promoted on social media sites. Impressions are an on-Fiverr statistic only, and have absolutely nothing to do with links on social media sites.

I have been on Fiverr for nearly six years. I assure you, I know how Impressions work.

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Whatever you say, it’s not acceptable
Because when the gigs aren’t promoted
impressions, views, clicks drop

I have been on Fiverr for about 2.5 and have never had a “dry-well” until now. Has this happened to you ever?

Yes, I have gone through “dry wells” in orders, just like any other seller. They are part of being a freelancer, whether here on Fiverr, or anywhere else. Sales rise and fall. This is part of being in business. Keep experimenting, keep building, keep marketing, keep improving, and you will be setting yourself up for things to turn around when the time is right.


Thank you so much @jonbass for elaborating the matter in details.

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