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Why my impressions are going negative?


Why my impressions are going negative in my gig analytics even though my clicks and views are in positive number. Also i am not getting a good amount of buyer requests.


If you are not getting buyer requests, then it means there are no much buyers requesting for that service for now.
About the impression, i think they are calculated based on clicks. You clicks might be reducing and still remaining in the green color, but can affect your impressions.


Thanks :slight_smile: Highly appreciate your response… i have one more question…is there any way of increasing my gig reach and impressions… maybe by regularly editing the gig slightly… does is have any affects in the gig impressions?


Don’t edit your gig price regularly, but you can at least edit your gig description.
To have more impressions, market your gigs. Mind you, impressions don’t determine your chance of getting an order.


Alright… i will keep that in mind :slight_smile: Thanks a lot