Why my level is not upgrading


i have reached all task on jan 15 although my account didn’t upgraded https://www.fiverr.com/sarojtamang867 analyse my profile and tell me senior


Did you check your analytics rating…? Maintain good standards to promote a Level One Seller. find it on your analytics page


Check the analytics page you will get your answer


the points that you might be missing should be $400 minimum earning & 120 active on fiverr


ok, thank you sir but sowing task are completed


earning $400 is very tough for new member,isn’t it


i know sir i have checked than i’m discussing about that sir


yes sir


the earnings requirement is clearly not met.

it’s in grey. that’s the only requirement you don’t have.

as soon as you make that amount, you will get your level.


earning one is not clear
previous you just need to have 2 completed orders for level one but to main quality fiverr have taken this step


I checked your fiverr profile. You need to complete these Requirements to became a Level 1 seller. You have done 90% more 10% need to fulfill. here it is

Earn at least $400
Maintain a 4.8 star rating over the course of 60 days
just maintain these TWO requirements you will become level 1 seller for sure. and other requirements you already have done. best of luck


thanks for your complement sir