Why my Level2 logo and Gigextras have been disappeared!



Is there anyone who can tell me why my Level2 logo and Gigextras have been disappeared ?



Did Fiverr admin send you the email or something? if you didn’t get any email - you should send the ticket to Fiverr support asap




Reply to @junoteam:

Thanks for the reply, I didnt get any email, but yes, couple of days ago I got a warning that I asked direct account of some one which is against the TOS, Please let me Clear, lmooney1028 is the buyer who at the starting of his order threaten me that he will give me a negative review, even after many revisions and in his own words that he likes my work he said he is not happy with my work of infographic, and left a bad review, you can see my Infographic gig which has 51 positive review and you can read how I am working, and how much I am cooperating with my buyer: URL is : http://fiverr.com/neridalow/create-redesign-edit-or-provide-you-an-awesome-dynamic-editable-and-unique-infographic-only

lmooney1028 asked me to refund his $5, and I was agree because I work on 100% refund, and I asked about his account only to refund his money.

Is this the cause?


Your level is affected if you don’t honor the TOS. Contact Support by clicking on the link on the top left of the screen and present them the same thing you’ve posted above. Maybe they will consider your application.


You have broked some fiverr rules because of which your lvl 2 tag is taken off.Have you spammed to other buyers for sellin your gig?


Ive just had negative feedback of the same seller. The feedback i received was: “Extremely poor work. Avoid this seller at all costs. Absolutely useless.” You can see the work i produced on his facebook: http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/pages/Loyalty123/1378430935725127


May i know is there any possible chance to get back lv2 after this incident?




I understand your frustration.

But honestly, it does no good to recapitulate your story or recall your interactions with a buyer or seller. I know it makes you feel better to explain it, but on this forum there is no customer support. There is a lot of good help and smart opinions, but no one on this forum can fix or remedy your situation.

Write to Customer support and clearly (without conjecture) describe your issue and ask if the issue can be remedied.

I think you’ll find that using a direct and business like approach with CS can resolve many issues.

However if you did in fact violate some TOS, then you just may have to mind your Ps & Qs and get back on track with time and patience.


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

i have ask customer support, now they do not have the rights or system to recover previous status back, they recommend me wait 2 or 3 months( actually no time limit set) with good reputations then you will be able to gain level again.

may i know isn’t the truth? or i boost my sales into 1 month with good reputations, then i will be able to get into level 1?

thanks for reply :slight_smile:



marking this buyer now ! :wink:


Reply to @kjblynx:

really can get back to level1? may i know what is the purpose of screen shot?

may i know when i can get back to level 1?

thanks :slight_smile:



Oh my god…! I also had to face the same, 2 days ago.

I joined here 3 months ago & now I have completed about 55 orders.


I had got positive reviews from most of my buyers. & I had never made any trouble with a buyer or with direct payments,direct contacts.

but, unfortunately in my 49th order I got a negative review from a troublesome buyer. finally, I canceled the order & returned him his money. Really, that happened in the 49th order… (can you guys imagine about my feelings then…?) :-((

But, now I have 100% positive ratings.

So, when can I go to level 2…?

as well as, should I inform the customer service about this…?

please help me.

thanks. :wink:



No one has a crystal ball. When you go to Level 2 is up to you and Fiverr.

You should communicate clearly with Customer Support. Sometimes they work miracles.

Good luck.



thanks for the advice.

yeah…! you’re right.

I should contact the customer service soon…


The buyers back again! Wow! I had an admin remove the feedback as it was rude and inaccurate.

A month later i get "This seller is a fraud. He will not let this review stay on the timeline. I imagine he does this to many people. Avoid him at all costs. he is untrustworthy."

I really don’t understand people sometimes. To support it is! Im so surprised this guy is still allowed on fiverr!