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Why my negetive review show on the top of all reviews

Can you give a solution ? I get a negetive review two week ago . But, after that i get many positive reviews. So why the negetive one show on the top of them ?
somebody can tell me ?

Thank you.


Because they are sorted by the most relevant reviews, which on Fiverr usually means relatively new reviews with the most characters (the longest).

Also, 3.7 does not count as a negative review.


Please Read This article I hope solved your all confusion.

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I understand . Can you please tell me when the review will be come down ?

still in confusion. Can you please tell what is the way to come down the review ?

That’s only half of it.

Aside from the fact that longer reviews are being favored by the automated system, another way a review can get to the top is if people click on the “helpful” link on it.

And before newbies try that themselves: Fiverr knows if those clicks are legitimate or not.

Don’t even try it.


The ‘negative’ review will remain at the top until you have newer reviews.

But as @vibronx has said, 3.7 is not negative. In percentage terms you have achieved 74% - that’s a reasonable feedback rating. Not amazing - but not bad either.

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actually the buyer was a fraud and the feedback was bad .

when the negative review will be come down ?

Fraudulent buyers tend to leave a 1 star review. I’ve read the 3.7 star review written by your buyer. In fairness to them, their review appears to be reasonably balanced - pointing out both good and bad aspects about the service they received from you. In my opinion, there is nothing fraudulent about the review they wrote.

Also, I clearly answered your question about when ‘the review will come down’ as you phrase it - but you ignored the response and asked the same question of @frank_d.

Your response on the forum to the buyer review and your decision to ignore a valid answer, no doubt hoping that someone else will tell you what you actually want to hear, tells me a lot about your approach to freelancing. Good luck, but I’m out of here now.