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Why my new gig does not appear in the search result?

Today I have learned a new lesson on Fiverr. I created a gig yesterday. After creating the gig, I searched it with a particular keyword but did not find my gig in the search result.

I thought it would take some time. Then I searched it again after some hours, and the result is the same. I was worried but decided to wait some more time because I read it from the forum that sometimes it takes 24 hours to appear your newly created gig in the search result.

Today I rechecked it but my gig was not there. I was thinking of taking help with it from the support center, but at the same time, I was trying to remember I have made any mistake while creating the gig.

Then I realized my mistake. After 2-3 minutes of creating the gig, I had edited it again. I made a mistake with my gig image, and I edited it.

So now the thing is that what is the solution to it. I thought since I have made a mistake and the gig is not showing up in the search result, so it is better to delete it and create another gig. I deleted that gig, and with the same title, description, and image, I created a gig again. And this time, my gig is in the search result. So what we have learned from this thing is that never edit your gig within 24 hours of publishing it.

Thanks a lot :innocent:


Welcome to fiverr forum. Good wishes :blush:

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Thanks a lot brother :blush:

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