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Why my on time delivery rate is automatically reduces?

A few days ago I completed 3 orders on Fiverr. But those 3 orders were late delivered due to which my on time delivery rate was reduced. After that I again delivered 2 orders on time, when my on time delivery rate was 44%. After that now 1 order is running active in my account, which has time to deliver and I will deliver it on time. But in these 2 days, my on time delivery rate is automatic reduced, from 44% to 38% on the first day and today from 38% to 29%, these days I did not deliver any order, yet the on time delivery rate decreasing. why does this happen?

Because it’s a ratio of orders taken into account only in the last 60 days
Some orders that were taken into the ratio 3 days ago doesn’t count anymore and therefore % also goes down

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okay, I understand. thank you