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Why my Order completion rate is not increasing?

I was about to be level one seller on 15 Aug. That is the evaluation date… Every requirement was filled except order completion rate which was 89% on 27 July… I was sure that till 15 Aug it will be 90% or more… Then suddenly a client made order without discussing anything and then without discussing anything requested to cancel order the very next day… That order was cancelled and my order completion rate was dropped to 84%… I was Thinking i have to complete 6 order till 15 Aug…so every order will increase 1%… Initially 1 order 1% thing works for 2 order i was 86% … Then it starts increasing 1% on two completed orders… Now I’m at 88% and completed 3 order in 88% and it is not increasing even by 1%… I’m worried… And also loosing hope of becoming level 1 seller on 15 Aug. I was supposed to complete 6 order for 6% but i completed 11 orders but it increased only by 4% … That’s really sad. I want to know the reason… And suggestions from seniors… I’m not sure why is this happening to me… Please guide. Thanks


The cancellation rate is calculated over the past 60 days. So, maybe the system is correct?

Sorry to hear that, seem like you need to wait for the next month to get promoted.
That’s why, a few days before the promotion, some of us will pause the gig or increase the price, to avoid any buyers just order it without contacting the seller , in order to to avoid any cancellation.

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