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Why My Order is being cancelled?


Hi Team,

One of my customers gave me an order. Order #FO35E3CA9201

I completed his task and sent him the article today and now I came to know that the order is being canceled by the Fiverr Customer team.

May I know the reason, please?

I was told that the reason is listed there, but I found nothing.

Please help me and fix it.



You can’t write buyer name directly at forum. It’s against Fiverr TOS.


Please remove the buyer’s details from your post.

We can’t help you I’m afraid, all you can do is to ask CS for clarification.


That order has been cancelled by fiverr Customer Team. So better to be - Post ticket at Fiverr CS and ask the reason. Forum members can’t help on this. :slight_smile:


I understand but I had to put here because his ID is not working now. That’s the only reason.

Neither I was aware about the TOS. Can you please see to it and help me?

Why the order is cancelled?

I don’t understand.


Better to be Ask Fiverr Customer Support. Forum members can’t help on this. :slight_smile:


I have removed that. Can you please share the link where I can post and get the answer?

I’m not aware of much of Fiverr. Please help me.


Here’s how to contact support:



Thanks. Appreciate that.


If his ID is not working then it was a Paypal chargeback which means the buyer cancelled the order at his Paypal account. The buyer’s ID is automatically banned by fiverr when this happens.

It happens to all sellers sometimes and there is nothing you can do about it. Sorry this happened to you!

If you mean you cannot find the customer support link, then they may not tell you the exact reason if they were the ones who cancelled the order.