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Why my overall rating percentage is not increasing?


I am a label 2 seller in fiverr. My overall rating percentage is 95%. I am getting positive comments from my buyers continuously. I have gotten 17 positive comments and there is no negative comment in last 1 month. But i am disappointed that my rating is not increasing? Definitely it is affecting my sales and reputation in fiverr?

Can anybody has tell me why fiverr is not increasing my rating? And what is the formula adopted by fiverr for this ? Is there any problem in fiverr rating system? OR they do any manipulation in rating system? Thanks!


They are. But it’s like the stock market , it takes more “gains” to go up.

IE, if you stock drops 20 % from it’s high of $100. That is, it drops to $80. It has to go up 25% just to break even. 20/80 = 25%


Think of it another way. It takes nearly 100 Thumbs Up to go up 1 percent IF you had 500 orders done

If you had 100 orders done. It would take 25 thumbs UP to go up 1 percent.