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Why my pdf file not upload

I try many time but my pdf file not upload. I also don’t know what is the size of the pdf file that have to upload

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Probably only two pages are allowed.

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Check your pdf file very well. I mean, is there any copyrighted content in your pdf file? If it is not working, then ask Fiverr help support team. They will definitely solve your problem.


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i try 1 page but it says fail to upload

no full file is my own created

If your file is legal, please try different ways:

  • Use different browsers. In my experience, chrome often crashes while firefox is safe.
  • Check if the file name is too long or contain inappropriate characters
  • If the file size is more than 150mb, split it to small sizes.
  • Sometimes Fiverr will do server maintenance. Just wait several hours and reupload.

can you tell me the page size

You are allowed to attach file with max size 150MB

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my file was just 1 mb and some kb

Then try the suggestion I posted above.

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Upload in dropbox/Goggle drive, and send the share link to the client :slight_smile:

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nobody yet order so I do,t have any client

Where are you trying to upload your pdf file please? Are you trying to add it to your gallery, or are you trying to add it elsewhere?

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add my gallery I try to upload it to my gigs

Are you by any chance using firefox? Because nothing on my side will upload to fiverr using firefox but the issue is fixed when I use chrome.

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i try both but can’t work

Try to contact support and see if the issue is on their side

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