Why my pending/clearing revenue has not yet release for almost 3 days?


Today is December 18 but still my money in Dec 16 and 17 is still pending. I don’t know what happen to my account. Can somebody help me about this. Thank you so much.


Same here. My money also not released since DEC 16.

I found some errors in withdrawals. Withdrawal amount is not correct as per order.

I find 13 Orders in which i PAID less by fiverr. Originally they were of higher amount and i am paid less.

It takes me 3 hours to go through each order (luckily i have 400+) and check.

I have created support request and waiting for their answer!


Last day i found a PAYMENT BUG. Which obviously i have reported to Customer Support.

I go through some orders and find that i have been PAID less in few orders.

For Example: i completed a GIG order which was of $30 amount. And i was supposed to be paid $24 but i see in my CLEARED AMOUNT page i got $12 for that order.

And i find this error on 13 places. I am not sure this happened with only me or anyone else having this issue.

If anyone want to check just go through your CLEARED FUNDS page and TALLY your transactions cleared amount with original Order amount.

Let me know if anyone find same BUG.