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Why my Percentage Going to down

Screenshot_2020-08-29 Seller Dashboard
Why my Delivered On time and Order Completion percentage decrease?? Please help me to fixed that issue.

Because in the last 60 days you completed a lower percentage of orders and delivered a lower percentage on time than previously.

To improve it you need to deliver more orders on time and complete more orders. Waiting could also mean late orders etc. go out of the 60 day window.


Please help me how to get More order. In this dashboard Can I get order in future?? Is it not harmful my account??

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Delivering late and cancelling is harmful to your account I think. It will probably display your gigs at a lower rank for a certain amount of time because of it. Those will also make it harder to get to a higher level (level 1 etc.).

You can still get orders though. Sending offers to buyer requests you can do well is one way you could get orders.

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2 order cancel of last month then Decrease My Order Completion Percantage 100 % to 50% and Then When I delivered My last order then decrease me On time delivery, Until buyerr are fully satisfied with my work she giving me extra USD 30 tip after delivered, but the main issue of my dashboard.

So try to deliver on time in future and complete more rather than cancelling. If they’re cancelling because you can’t do what they ask, put a line in the gig description(s) asking them to contact you before ordering so you can check their requirements first.

If you’ve delivered late see if you need to increase the number of delivery days in the gig set up for any gigs. Or for any custom offers have a way of giving a better estimate of how long it will take. If you think an order might go late, ask the buyer if you can extend the delivery time of the order (the option in the resolution centre) - and ask in plenty of time so hopefully it doesn’t go late.

edit: You could also edit the “limit orders in queue” figure for gigs to help prevent too many orders for gigs at the same time to help prevent late deliveries. As well as pausing gigs if you ever need to limit orders.


Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion.

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