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Why my portfolio can't showing?


Hi there… I had delivered my order with source file and portfolio JPG picture.
The first order I delivered 4 days ago and second one 2 days ago but no one’s portfolio picture showing on my gig. Can you tell me why?

here is my that gig


Hello Rashe! The client decides whether to publish the work or not for your portfolio.

Obviously the project was made by you but the client decides whether it is public or not, since in the end, it now belongs to the client.

Good luck!


I see. So It’s depends on my clients? I didn’t knew that. Thank you for your information


Yes, it depends on the client.

It is logical, there are clients who do not want to share their project with everyone, but there are others who do … others who do not know how to do it.

There are others that make you sign a contract so you do not share information, so you know that client will never publish it in your portfolio, LOL