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Why my positive rating suddenly showing 5% even though I have 5 star rating more than 97%

Hi Fiverrites,

I am a seller and suddenly today my positive rating showing severe drop than yesterday. It is showing 5%. I have most of my orders 5 star and very few 4+ star.

Why is it showing like this? How it is calculated?

Thanks and regards

Hi,might be there’s bug on the fiverr contact cs.they will remove the bug .

Do you mean on your profile? That is normal, mine is like that too. Or if you mean on your analytics page you should ask customer support.


I also have this problem, yesterday my rating is fine, today i checked it drop to 4%

Which rating are you talking about? Where are you seeing this? Do you mean your rating on the analytics page?

If you are talking about overall rating then there could be bug, contact to CS and let them know this issue that you are facing.

I’ve got the same problem on the app. Mine says 4% positive rating. On the Web Analytics, I’ve got a 4.9% rating. Has to be a bug on the app in my case.

Please contact customer support…

Same here I have more than 1300+ 5 star rating but it’s showing 4% positive rating

Exactly same but it’s 5% in green.

I have that too, maybe someone wanted to change that to 5 (as in 5*) but forgot to get rid of the %, and the red circles appear when sellers are under the 4.8 threshold?

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:slight_smile: that also could happen. But it’s supposed to show percentage and it happened today only. I have raised a support ticket and waiting for their reply. If it gets resolved ,I will update it in the forum.

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I have 1300+ positive rating average 5.0


Okay, then it´s not that either, unless it´s the 60-day average of the level evaluation requirements which is being displayed? Well, either way, I hope eswarikamireddy will get a reply with an explanation of this bug.

With the support team help, it got fixed. I should have tried this before raising a request. I hope it will work for you too with below steps.

Thank you for following up. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. So we can help you further, could you please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your phone setting/Applications/Fiverr
  2. Clear Data, Clear Cache
  3. Uninstall and reinstall the Application.

Please, let us know if there is still issue present after these steps are done.

If not, so that our Mobile developers can review the issue you are experiencing, can you forward the following info?

iOS/Android Version (7.1, 7.1.3 etc.)
iOS/Android Device (iPhone 4, 5, 5s, 5c, etc.)
Is your device Jailbroken/Rooted??
App version (You can find this out by going to Version History section on the Fiverr app in the App Store)


Well, that worked, thank you! And seems my idea wasn´t that bad after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, April 15… ? :thinking: Yep, SLD update lol.

Glad to seer I am not the only one! hope they solve the glitch

Didn’t get you. April 15?
I am going to celebrate my 1st anniversary with Fiverr in 3 days.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Is that what you are looking there?

No, the date of my screenshot. If I´m not mistaken, it´s April 12 today. :wink:
Just a joke. It doesn´t have the (x)xx% now but the x.x stars rating, at least on my updated app, an update for the next Level Evalulation Day, April 15.


Worked… Thank you.

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