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Why my posted keeps getting rejected that will even lead me to ban

I was a little bit disappointed for the results of my posted request. I have seen a lot of fiverr account on the buyer request who promoted their services.

They even have posted not only once but twice and the still their proposed posted request are approved.

While mine. My account is now on a risk for posting twice of promoting my services which is kind of unfair in my side or maybe their are some sort of things how to promote services.

I have upload a photo for evidences. check attachment for reference.

Buyer request is for buyers to seek services not for sellers to advertise. This is where sellers look for buyers. The people who advertise there slip through the cracks, but its not suppose to be used that way! Instead you should offer your services to buyers on the buyer request. I utilize the buyer request all the time, and manage to get decent amount of work including large custom projects. Reach out to buyers - explain what you offer and how your the right person for their job. Its a game of hustle.

The “request a gig” section is for buyers seeking applicants for their projects. It’s not for sellers who wish to market their services. What you said about other sellers having their listings there up and running, while yours went down with a warning, is more or less similar to arresting someone for whatever reason and them saying…"why you arrested me? lots of other people do the same thing and some of them get away with it!"
Just follow the rules and you’ll be okay!

@kitchiepanget It makes no difference why someone else “got away” with it. The forum is filled with posts by frustrated sellers who obey the rules and have trouble using buyer requests due to the spam. There are posts begging other
sellers not to do this nonsense and you want help/support for trying to post more spam?

Ridiculous. Buyers cannot even see the posts made by sellers in that area. I have to use restraint when replying to you so all I will say is that your account should be beyond at risk for this behavior. I am only thankful to see Fiverr being a little proactive on this. I applaud Fiverr staff.

That method probably doesn’t work anyway so why keep doing it.

Could not have said it better myself.
And thanks for making this point.
The buyer request section is polluted by shameless self advertising of sellers.



I totally agree with you, and I also applaud the Fiverr staff for making an effort.



No “probably” about it–buyers (i.e. those with a buying only account) can’t even see it, so I read somewhere! What a glorious waste of time.

Wow … kitchiepanget , you are whats wrong with people in this day and age. Are you using your brain at all? There goes my restraint.

I’ll even hit the report button by her name to help flush the system. Who’s with me ?

I wonder how they can escape

I am just being honest with my self. I am not doing this because I have no brains. be careful with your word. People will terrible react especially for me who is still new to this website.

I kept posting in buying request section and I am not a human if I have no reaction and emotion over the fact that I kept posting my gigs everywhere in the whole internet world while those people just post their offers and even recieved buyers offers or something. I kept working so hard for my gigs to be notice that i find it totally biased to have warnings while some monkeys don’t. referring to those sellers who are allowed to post on buyer request areas.

I don’t even know how to hit the report button by the way. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I have no idea whats going on the Buyer section areas. definitely, :’(

Anyway, request to close this thread. Patience is virtue I guess. :confused:

Dear Kitchiepanget,

With all due respect, part of the reason that you are probably not getting business is because your descriptions are not well written. As much as the work you are doing does not require writing skills. You have to be able to understand your clients and they you.

Let me help you with one of your gigs:

I will magic your 7 photography shots into more Eye catching Photo

How about this:

  • I will transform 7 of your images into more eye-catching photos.
    I will magically transform 7 of your images into more eye-catching photos.

Feel free to use my text, if you are happy with it.