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Why my promoted gig is pending?

I’m level 2 seller and one of mu gig have 50+ reviews all 5 stars. I’m suing Fiverr new features promote gig but after promoting it its showing padding and when hover into the pending mark a pop up comes out and show this:
"Currently, this gig does not meet the quality standards that are required for prompted gig."

Here is a screenshot:

Hi istiackm,

As a Level 2 seller, do you have a Fiverr business manager who advises you 1-1? If you do, this is the kind of query you can raise with him/her and I know the managers were recently asking sellers about their own experiences of Promoted Gigs.

There is a specific manager within Fiverr who also has overall responsibility for all Promoted Gigs, so if you need advice on why this didn’t meet quality standards so you can use the feature, your own manager should be able to refer this query to the correct person. It is unlikely any other seller will really know why your gig doesn’t qualify.


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Oh and of course, it may be that it really IS pending! I.e. that nobody has managed to approve it yet. The message that shows possibly applies to all pending gigs…not sure.

no don’t have any …

i also connect to the help center but didn’t get a solution expect a robot reply saying human will came to help you soon

The help center will come to you soon, I am sure… :slight_smile:

But I would say you could send a new request if they have still not answered in three days. The issue of promoted gigs is important to Fiverr so I am sure they will get to you soon. It must be frustrating so I will hope for a good outcome for you.

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thank you so much for your response … hope so they will reply soon…

You got any reply? I am also facing same issue.

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Me too. Is your problem solved?

Anyone Please answer with solution? if it is resolved. I am still waiting.

same here, I got 2 gigs for promotion but soon after activating promotion, it is showing pending.