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Why my rating is going down without any rating?

I have a big problem at this time, can anyone help me please? Yesterday my overall rating is 4.8 on dashboard and today without any positive or negative rating it is going down now it is 4.7 wht should I do? I was waiting for this evolution because my all things are ready for level one but at this stage my rating is going down and I can’t do anything.:sneezing_face:

I checked at, and you show a 4.9 average for me.

Good luck!

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Fiverr calculate average review based on reviews received in the last 60 days.
Calculate your last 60 days reviews from today and then divide by total.
For example. If you received 6 five star reviews in the last 60 days.

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This is the best explanation I have seen. It is about completion rate but the idea is the same.

@scarl13 you’re right but it is 4.7 on my dashboard.:crazy_face:

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