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Why my request is unapproved?

When I uploaded too many requests at a time, I could clearly get it when it was unapproved.

Now, I am keeping just 1 request - simple, crisp and clear still it is unapproved.

Can someone be specific on the tips and share it?

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You mean buyers requests? Maybe it has something in it that triggers system, like wrong word or something they do not allow.

Post it here so we can see.

Seller Request. Unable to find a CTA create gig

I am truly sorry but I need more information. I can not even begin to guess what is the problem you are facing.

Please elaborate.

Hey, as I am here to find projects and was trying my gig but even after making a seller login, I am not seeing any option that let me create a gig and apply for open work options.


You want to be a seller on Fiverr and you do not know how to create new GIG with your services?

You do not know how to see available Buyers requests so you can apply to them? _ this is only possible after you have gigs and you will only see requests relevant to your services.

Yes to 1st part of your message.

What needs to be done?

Go to your account, switch to Selling mode and you will see the create gig on top. Before you go there make sure you have everything read in text file and images ready. proofread your text and use only your original photos. You can also watch free learn with fiver video that will guide you through the process.

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Seeing this message now, I have created first ever gig on fiverr yesterday using destop browser, not sure why that seller mode switch was never there earlier. Anyhow, I can see it now on android.

Now, i wonder, don’t see any requests from buyer. Any suggestion on that one?

Dear Neevatiwari, continue sending the requests and adjusting your gig to meet customer specifications. it took me years to get one order and I am hopeful that many more will come. my gig Everything is possible, just do your best.