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Why my response rate going down day by day?

always I answer the buyer within 24 hrs but my response rate going down day by day.
they down my response rate 2% today cause I didn’t answer spam message, why?
they told me a spam message not affect on my response rate.

Even though you get the message you quoted, it is a good idea to unmark the spam and reply with, “No, Thanks” and then mark it as spam again.


Your response rate can easily be improved.
Make sure you respond to enquiry on time, 1 to 2 hours is better.
Download fiverr app if you haven’t so that you can respond to buyers message on time.


thanks,I’m already using the app and always try to answer within an hour

That happened to me this week. It brought my response rate to 92 and that was due to me following the instruction that it wasn’t going to affect my response rate.

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So is there a concrete answer to whether or not answering spam does affect response rate?

It seems that by not answering it our response rate goes down. However, why not answer it and be safe? Even a (.) is an answer. :wink: