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Why my reviewed result dont display in my gigs?


Hello everyone , I just want to know, why every time I send a delivery and success has been reviewed buyer. but the results of my work does not appear in gigs, just a decription given buyer only while the picture does not appear in gigs. is there something wrong with the size I am using? usually for my gigs review portfolio using 1000x1000px 300dpi. Is that true ? forgive my english. thank you


Have you turned on the Live porfolio feature?
Also please note the buyers have the option not to display the results in your porfolio.


in which menu can I enable live portfolio sir ?


Hope this helps


my live portfolio is active ,but the review result does not also appear.
what size is used for live portfolio sir and use 72dpi or 300dpi?


Possibly your buyer didn’t aprove to view your work publickly. I’m not sure about dpi mesurements.


I can’t recall exactly but I think the deliverable preview won’t appear if one click the reply button and attach from there instead of upload deliverable button.

You can see the image preview even before clicking the send button. or something like that.