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Why My sells Droped down and How to Improve it?


As a level two seller I was working on Fiverr for last few years. At the begging My sells was very good and my customer’s feedback is so satisfactory but now a days my sells drop down, I didn’t find special reason behind that. Actually I am looking for some experiences seller,who can help me. Is there any Software that I can look for my buyer as well as I can improve my GIG"S impression? Why GIG’s impression is down day by day? Whats the reason ? How to hold stable on your GIG’s impression? Is there anyone who can help me as well as Does my story match with you ?


Thanks sara for your nice comment


Fiverr, Yelp and Amazon are really cutting down on bought reviews. I don’t know if Fiverr are punishing your gigs because of that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

They’re more or less against the Terms of Service as they currently stand.


You’re welcome! It was only a guess, so I can’t say for sure. Maybe you can check out other gigs like yours, see if they’re getting sales. Then you’ll know. :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth, my views and impressions are the lowest they’ve ever been. It happened overnight about three weeks ago. I had more activity in my first month as a seller :slight_smile: So the problem might not even be in your control.