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Why my TO-DOS are not showing

I have 2 Orders in Queue. But it is not showing on TO-DOS. I have cleared my browsers cache and all data. I have logged in again. Still, I am facing the problem. Is this happening to you all or only its happening with me?

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Its a bug its been like this all week, i dont know when they are going to fix it. Just go up to selling and orders and you can see all the order you have there!

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I have never met this case but Have you tried to log out and log in again ? I think it will work :smile:

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I’ve tried that and also tried by cleaning my borwser cache,data etc.I rebotted my PC many times. Then I contacted to support and they solved my problem immedietly. Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve contacted CS and they solved it immediately.

Be careful with this as it will happen again, it happens to me everyday and I have contacted CS and they reset it but the issue still remains :frowning: