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Why my video is processing for 4 days?




Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks a lot! I will be waiting.


this is very good info …fiverr actually reviews the promo videos, who knew, and most of the promo videos as far as my thinking, I am in marketing every day are frankly very poor in actual content, … show actual examples of real clients and what you really do, that does not happen much at all… most of the promo videos lack that feature, …I want to be an active buyer of fiverr vendors…but the glitches of fiverr have stopped me from being able to do much at all. More than two years of Constant problems with log ins … how can this be a big site like fiverr, and you have so many problems with just a basic log ins… my business is booming, and I need good solid help today, …so I want to find a better way to get things done. I need a ton of help in my websites and having videos done, so please contact me if you can… I have no real idea about fiverr, because as far as I have seen they don’t have a nice little audio feed where they explain what they do and how it all works… please help me buy from fiverr vendors. Stupid me, here I was thinking I would get a nice response in my own email address, but after a lot of thought …I said I have to see if they don’t have a way where they require me to log in again, and guess what they do this trying to require me to go back to fiverr to get my response …who knew, they never say, this is how we work…no …two years of this messs …but today god helped me find this forum so I have a tiny bit of info on how fiverr works…why not say this all upfront… no, they say nothing…but I still want fiverrr vendor help


they’re meant to take a maximum of 24 hrs. when i post my videos they get reviewd within 3-6 hrs