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Why need Gig Fav exchange?

Why need Gig Fav exchange and active on the forum?
How can I benefit From this?

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You don’t. It doesn’t bring you any benefits.

Being active on the forum won’t bring you sales, if that’s what you’re asking.


That’s behavior is illegal. If fiverr finds, you’re doing gig favorite exchange for extra benefit. Fiverr support may banned your fiverr account. :slight_smile:

Be careful. :wink:

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Where did you find this little gem of advice? Was it from a how to make easy millions on fiverr course by chance?

The answer, you won’t benefit from that in any way.


Is it illegal? Favorite exchange does nothing, and I’ve never heard of anyone being banned for it, just wasting their time on nonsense.


There is absolutely zero benefit from either of those things, as the others have said.

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