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Why negative review remain on my account if i refund my buyer? can any body tell me please? - See mo

I did not understand that if i make a full refund to buyer why review remain on my account can any body help me and tell me what i have to do my buyer give me a negative review after he said that he is satisfy with design and then i refund him but negative review is still on my account - See more at:

Or it is a bug, or you refund him/her after negative review and he/she didn’t accept mutual cancellation…

he did not accept order cancelled automatically he is not responding after i initiate cancellation request

Then unfortunately you can’t remove negative review.

But if he loved your work, and he said that, and after that he gave you negative review, you could ask support to take a look on that.

Is this for “copyrighted images” review?

he said that design is good ask for one change which i did after that he post a negative review and said that he raise a cancellation at begin of order and which i decline and sure him that i will satisfy him he said that i would have to accept cancellation that time now he want my buyers to see his posted negative review so he will not remove review

If Order cancelled without mutual cancellation then review will remain on gig.

now i am clear

What happened with me is really different and I feel bad for the same. I completed the work and there was no issue with the work still buyer left a negative review as I cancelled 2nd order as buyer wanted to complete it before given time which I could not complete.

After contacting the Fiverr support they are saying they need buyer’s consent to remove the negative review as I have already refunded the buyer.

I did work and refunded the amount to buyer…what I noticed that fiver support is not taking a pain to check the work delivered by me…they just give us reply that they need buyer’s consent but they should check the work delivered by seller to buyer and ask the buyer what is the issue with same. They don’t do anything just say that they need buyer reply to remove the negative review even after refunding the amount to buyer.

What I feel that they give more importance to buyer not to seller.

I think Fiverr should look into such matter as buyers are making miss use of it…as they are getting work done and leaving a negative review. Just to maintain good record seller refunds the buyer and do work for free which is not right…

I am really tired of contacting fiverr support…

Reply to @jwelia_jonny: Then send mail to support, explain it all what happen, I think they will help you…