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Why new arrival seller find it difficult to get order?

I am a new arrival on fiverr, Though I have became a member on this link for a while and I have created my gigs for some times ago, but find it very difficult to have a single order since then, I have make use of the marketing strategies but all in vain. I am pleading to anyone here who can give me an effective way out to this problem.

Thanks and God bless

You have some MAJOR challenges to overcome to be successful. Fiverr is not a get rich quick site. It takes a lot of skill and hard work to make real money here. It also isn’t a place where you can just throw some gig on the site and wait for buyers to come running. You have tons of competition for those buyers.

So, first, if you aren’t really in or from the United States, I would suggest that you make some changes regarding that statement on your profile. If you are not in the US, contact Customer Support and ask them to correct your country flag. If you are in the US but not a native English speaker, include that information in your profile along with a mention of your native language.

When buyers are looking to buy, the need to communicate effectively with you. If you are multi-lingual the buyer might be too and needs to pick the best language to use in communications. You actually offer writing and proofreading gigs yourself and claim to hold a degree in English. You have some strange wording here and there that makes me think you may have trouble with these gig types. The most glaring start to the problem is right in your post title. You’ve written “WHY NEW ARRIVAL SELLER FIND IT DIFFICULT TO GET ORDER?” Perhaps that’s just lazy writing, but for me, that statement alone makes me think that you are not even close to a native English speaker who also holds a degree.

Your profile mentions that you do " thing overviews" which is something I’ve never heard of in 30 years of academic study in the USA. You also have this sentence in a gig description: “There will be no written falsification and you will get 100% unique substance.” That may be correctly written but it doesn’t have the sentence structure/wording of a skilled native English writer.

I’m not saying you are or are not a native English speaker, but honestly if I were buying writing or proofreading gigs, your writing would make me nervous and send me to another seller. That’s just a fact. Perhaps I am alone in this and someone else can say what they think.

My true opinion is that you may need to make some corrections in your profile, be clear and honest, and consider putting up gigs other than writing and proofreading. I have an English degree and my own writing gig is the most difficult gig I have up. If you choose to continue to pursue the gigs you have up and you can’t find a way to improve your general profile appearance, I doubt you will have a strong chance of long-term success.