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Why New Build Gigs Are not Show In Any Category WHy?

Hi, I’ve had my gig online for 2 days now and it has not shown up in the “New Arrivals” section of the producers and composers section which it is part of.

There has been the same gigs there in the new arrivals section for the past 2 days. Do these change on a weekly basis or does anyone know the turnaround rate of them?

I don’t think there is a set time for the “Fiverr review” period and if it’s done manually it might take longer over holidays or weekends. It’s also possible that yours got caught up in an editorial focus evaluation. If it was related to SEO (i.e. your username) those gigs often get more scrutiny. If staff doesn’t like the wording but it’s not a big issue, those gigs don’t always show up in search at all.

I’d wait a week and if it’s still not there, ask Support to check the search status. They will likely tell you that there is no guarantee you will appear in search, but they might give you some useful feedback too. Just don’t contact them before a week has passed since you don’t want to hassle them.

Thanks i will contact fiverr support with in a week

try to make gig on basis of market requirements it is not necessary to sell every gig keep doing your work i sell my first gig after 6 months

wait some days bro :slightly_smiling_face:

because its take when you create or edit gig