Why new sellers are so expensive?


Really? looking for a cheap photoshop editor who wants to build up a reputation but no, they straight ask for 25-30 dollars. Come on, you should build a reputation first otherwise you will remain unknown because no one is going to risk so much money with a new seller.
Thats all folks. :slight_smile:


Most sellers know what their time is worth. If they decide to charge 25-30 then why should they sell out?
Don’t worry about their reputation. If they will become desperate to fight for $5 then they will lower their price.


Thank you. Buyers who want the world for $5 are annoying. A seller might be “new” to this platform, but if they offer quality work, they’re gonna want more than $5.


How do you know their work has quality, to start with? When they don’t even have a review to back their prices up?
In the last times, it has been HARD for me to find someone decent who will work (like I did) to build your reviews and a certain reputation and for a relative acceptable price here.
I’ve been even told that I wanted to “exploit” new sellers, because I wanted a lower price… and the reality is quite the opposite.
I’ve tried contacting them first, placing an order without asking (because they offer their prices for $5, but then want WAYYY more than that), and I realized that:

MAYBE, when they check out that I live in Europe, they automatically ask for more money.

It happened the last time with someone who offered $5 to vectorize a Logo, delivery within 24h.
He had 2 orders in queue, I’ve placed the order and then he sends me a cancellation, because he said he wants $75? :no_mouth:

Allowing newbies to put their prices as they wish… make just more trouble for a buyer to find the right seller. And like I always say:

Not all buyers have the patience to spend 2/3 hours to find someone who can have the work done, and deal with all kind of utopic prices in the same time.

They will just go and look for someone in another platform. Fiverr became too complicated in stuff that should have been made easier.


NO quality seller is going to work for $5 ($3.92 after Fiverr takes their 20%). As a seller, I can personally attest to the fact that it takes time and effort to produce good work and earn great reviews as I have. If buyers want high quality or even decent work, they’ll have to pay more than $5. That’s the reality. I have NEVER done any work on Fiverr for under $10. Neither should other sellers. Thank you very much.

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P.S. Buyers who want high quality work for low prices are every sellers worst nightmare, regardless of where you’re from. I can’t speak for other sellers, but I won’t put up with it. If you want good quality, you better be ready to pay more than $5.00.


May be, buyers think that the new sellers should offer their services at low price for huge work.
Once a customer ordered me from US of 5$ to write “contact us, about us” etc on her website (free domain hosting). I advised her to use Free WordPress domain hosting instead of a unpopular hosting service…she loved my advise and asked me to suggest the name for new website. She purchased new domain in minutes with my help…then she provided me cPanel detail.I set up and designed her WordPress website…and also imported all content from old (totally unorganised website)…I designed it fully, according to her wish…when I asked for extra charges for extra work…she tried to prove me a smart or tricky seller… actually I advised her to build her website on free WordPress hosting…and she took it as I was offering free services…she totally misunderstood “free” word…she was my mother’s age fellow…so I helped her as a senior lady… though she gave me 10$ tip :slight_smile:…i am surprised, why she did not pay me happily for my more than 10 hours job? Becuase I was the new seller(before level 1).
Sometimes buyers are totally complicated. Some are very honest and pay for our extra time and work without detailed discussions or negotiations.


Stating the same as before didn’t answer my question at all, Lady.
I would invite you to take a look at my profile and then answer to me, with a valid answer… because I have WAY more experience than you in this field.

You cannot state your work has QUALITY with nothing to back it up.

End of the discussion


Any buyer who expects to pay a low price from a huge amount of work is unrealistic. It not fair to sellers who devote their time and energy into the work only to receive $3.92 after Fiverr takes 20%. Some buyers need to be a bit more realistic and considerate of sellers. The lowest price I’ve ever worked for on this platform is $10. Once I got high ratings, I upped my prices.


Your experience doesn’t undermine my experience or my talent. I will not work for $3.92 (neither should other sellers; it’s not fair)…and interestingly enough, I have been making sales on my gigs and earning great reviews despite my newbie status. The truth of the matter is that sellers (YES EVEN NEWBIES) deserve to be fairly compensated for our time. Buyers who expect to get good work for only $5.00 are out of touch, “Lady.”


You are right.
Everyone should realise the offered work in 5$. Not expecting so much in just 5$.


Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:


Who, what, where, how? I have seen beyond excellent work that was priced at only 5$. The quality is not justified by the price. What if everyone bumped their prices to 100$+, will it mean that they are providing quality work?


:sleeping: :sleeping::sleeping:

Talk to me when you get your 1000 reviews with that attitude.
See ya! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No but sellers deserve to be fairly compensated for our time…and by the time fiverr takes 20%, sellers are left with $3.92. That is not fair and buyers need to wake up to the fact that there are no free lunches. At some point, you will have to pay more than $5.00 for high quality work.


Oh I will. I’m very proud of the progress, reviews, and MONEY that I’ve made on Fiverr. Bye Felicia.


Actually, competition is very high.
I am surprised that some screenwriters from developed are offering 5000 words in 25$. What should offer newbies or sellers like me? Demand of services is less but supply rate is high.



I’ve flagged your last message as you’re calling people names.
Another good example of your attitude.
Arrogance is just good when you can back it up with something more than words.


may I see your logo ?


I’m not calling anyone names…and my high ratings and reviews on my gigs back up my claims. Do not contact me again.