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Why new sellers are worried about there 1st order?

Hi, I am also a new seller. As I join the Fiverr I realized there is a lot of competition on Fiverr and it is very difficult(not impossible) for new sellers to get there first order. That’s why every seller are upset about that.
I advise to the new sellers keep patience and work hard because there is nothing impossible. You can also look at the top sellers they have been spent there at least 2 years to achieve this level.
Also make sure that your gig is one of the best gigs and your services should have quality.
So keep patience and give your best and i hope you will get your reward soon.


You are correct! Everyone started as a newbie at one point, some have it easier and others have it harder; but eventually, I believe hard work does pay off in the long run!

Welcome to the forum! I wish you great success on your 5r journey! :smiley::smiley:

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As because its their first journey

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Yeah, You are also right. Thanks for well wishes.:smile::smile:

Definitely because of first journey.