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Why New Sellers Copied my Gig Description ? :/

I saw there is 3 new sellers in here copied my Gig Discreption add put it same :confused: Why Sellers do this :-w

Why they can’t do their own one :-w

Is their any solution for it ? Its Really Annoying me :-w

Contact Customer Support with the proof that they copied your gig description.

if you have legal rights of your contents then you can contact with customer support

Copying a description from someone else is so lazy and lame. Someone please add that to the 14 mile high list of things that annoy me.

Why Sellers do this? Just because you are have only good description. Nothing else ))

Reply to @catwriter: Yep That’s the Option :frowning:

Reply to @bowxwod: lol :smiley:

Reply to @videojitsu: Yep bro I hate them too :confused: why the can’t type their own :confused:

Reply to @webexpert1313: yep :slight_smile: