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Why new sellers do not get interest of buyers for orders?


buyers look only for those sellers having high ranking ,but what about us new seller ,tried a lot but not getting work,how can we prove our skill untill they do not take interest in us,once these high ranking sellers were also like us ,every seller has skills, :confused:


Usually, what I say as a MUST is to improve your English. Especially, you should work on punctuation, style and throw a little bit of grammar in the mix. Buyers tend to avoid people that have poorer English skills because they might have a miscommunication with you.

Quoting your proofreading gig:

Did you know that 90% of people will instantly stop reading your article when they see a spelling or grammar mistake?

Quoting a part from your proofreading gig in which you have grammar errors (it’s contradictory to your description):

try me for your article to be perfect

Also grammar errors in your description:

hi…i am faris, i am passionate ,confident with positive attitude and self motivated ,i can complete your task in cheaper rate than others according to your desire within a limited time,i have skills to allow people appreciate me ,i am young passionate with work,just trust me and allow me to prove mine skills etc, :slight_smile:

I have also noticed that you have stollen gig photos and descriptions which is not good, not good at all, you might get banned for that, or at least your gigs would be deleted.


You probably shop, yeah? Groceries, electronics, whatever. When you’re buying your new smartphone, do you trust an already established brand, a bigger store, or you go buy around the corner? :wink:


Your case has nothing to do with the ranking. Your services are simply not at the level to attract buyers.


Buyers buy from new sellers all the time, if it looks like the seller is skilled enough. However, if you offer writing and proofreading (especially proofreading), and your descriptions are full of mistakes, it definitely doesn’t look like you can do a good job.

On top of that, while buyers won’t necessarily expect superb English from a logo designer who isn’t a native English speaker, in your case, they might think that your design skills are at the same level as your proofreading skill.


I disagree . There are lots of buyers who trust on new sellers. It’s just the matter of how well Seller promote their services.


From the top of my head, I know three new sellers who got their first order within
days, I read about them here at the forum.
I went to check their gigs, and I was not surprised at all.
All of them were very good at what they offered, and guess what, just the
other day I ordered a gig from a new seller. I think she’s been around
here for less than 10 days, but since I was so impressed with the video
I placed an order.

New sellers can get orders right away too, and when that
happens,that happens for a reason.


Yes! There is always a reason behind what happens! :heart_eyes:


Faris my suggestion is add a video in your gig.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


thanku sir for advice,yeah there was mistake in grammer,


but i didn’t stole gig photoos,i uploaded these photoos from google,i can prove it


yeah a litlle idea i took from the gigs of high ranked sellers to check wether buyer only take interest by looking at descriptions,i didn’t completely copy paste it,just copy pasted some lines because i am new here and don’t know how to attract buyers,that’s not mean mine skills are poor sir,


you are right sir,


thanku bro,


i will try,…


i am getting mine mistakes,


That means take out and delete your proofreading and writing gigs.

Well, that’s stealing, right? You should have something unique.

That’s also stealing and misleading.

Well, the conclusion is improving your skills, and start selling again once you fix your skills. In the meantime, don’t cry for not getting orders.


yeah…thanks for the advice,


thanku sir…i got mine mistakes…


yeah…thanku sir…