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Why new sellers don't get enough jobs?

Hey there, I’m working on Fiverr for sometime. And I’ve got some 'why’s in mind.
First of all, why new sellers don’t get enough jobs ?
Why Buyers always search for level 2 or top rated sellers ?
Why they always have to wait in the queue ?
Why Buyers always think new sellers are not worthy ?
Shouldn’t they thing that new sellers got new ideas ?
Shouldn’t new sellers have to get chance to proof themselves ?
When a Buyer have the right to cancel an order, then buyer should contact new comers to encourage them, to get some new staff, new ideas, shouldn’t they ?
Buyers always look for experiences, but if you don’t give them a chance to proof then how can they get any experiences ? Isn’t it unfair ?
A seller, who have 7/8/9 jobs completed, have 4.9/5 star ratings, but still got no jobs to do, why is that ?
Buyers spend money on level 1/2 or top rated sellers. Those sellers get enough jobs to do. What do you think of this ? Shouldn’t buyers need to spend some money on new sellers to get some new ideas and give a chance to proof themselves ?

I hope I’ll get some answers for these 'why’s…
Thank you guys.


Fiverr is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Their main objective is to make money for themselves, not you - or me!

Every successful seller started out as a level 0 seller, just like you. Successful sellers, far from complaining that Fiverr isn’t fair, do their own research, learn how to market their gigs successfully and read the useful tips here on the forum. They put the useful tips into practice.

Here are some useful links to get you started:



If you type each of those questions in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on those much discussed topics.

Take some time to look around the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks man. I really appreciate. I’ll do it. Thank you once again.

Thank you very much… I’ll keep that in mind.

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It depends on what “new” seller is selling. Fiverr is the same as street market. If you go on street market with 20 vendors for potato, and you come, open up and try to sell potatos, what is going to happen, how many buyers you will have?

Because they believe and Fiverr makes it like that, higher levels create the illusion of quality and experience. In most cases this is true, but you do have some high-level sellers without skills and selling low quality work. Most of the time they started a long time ago and they obtained high levels just by longevity on Fiverr, not on skills. But buyers do not target high levels exclusively. It all depends on your GIG image, descriptiojn and how you communicate with the client.

If the product and seller are worth waiting then why not be in the queue?

Mostly because of a bad experience and the pure fact that GIG image looks like it has been drawn by left foot on a broken tablet, the description reads like the person was typing with half of the keyboard letters, and in 3/10 cases or more new buyers are frauds. "I will do your design, trust me, I will create your design trust me. I will do voice over, I will scrap emails, I will crate webpage, I will write book for you, 6 hours later, my kids are dying, I am dying, I am almost dead, the only thing that will keep me alive is for you to donate me this 5$ please please please…

Yes, but most new sellers do not have new ideas. You go on Fiverrr when you are out of ideas. And hoping to make some extra income. If seller has new ideas it will be clearly visible in his GIG and portfolio.

No and yes. Why?
You do get a chance. You have internet, you have options and opportunities to share and market your service.
I could have so many buyers if I used my social media to promote my Fiverr GIGs, but Fiverr is just a side attraction, distraction, not something I want to do as a full-time job.
But if I did I would create a whole marketing plan and concept.

If seller is sending him garbage, it is highly unlikely they will produce diamonds in near future, so, two times garbage, cancel order, refund 1*, block and goodbye.

This is everywhere. You need to be persistent and in the time of no order get an education and broaden your horizon.

Many things, lack of quality in portfolio images, no demand for his services, lot of newcomers cramping the market.

Well, when I see a graphic designer with 40-70 orders in the queue, I feel little “Why him/her not me?”
“get enough”? It depends. Maybe they need money for surgery and the amount of orders is too little, you never know why people use the money for.

I try this when I was a buyer. I lost 400$. I could get my money back, but that would require calling certain people from certain country frauds and low life scammers, what they are. It all starts with I can deliver, I can deliver and then turns in to begging for food money. This was before I knew what Fiverr is and what kind of people crawl in the pit of Fiverr dish. And the worst part is there is a great seller from that country, really knows what he is doing, and he was “canceled” on Fiverr because of his origin and country. Not due to Fiverr but due to his people being mostly what they are. And stereotypes are bad, but not made up, it comes from experience.


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I just loved your answers the way you delivered those. These are the answers what I was looking for. You completely described the problems and the solutions in it. I totally appreciate that. Thank you so much. I’m really glad and I mean it.

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i am new sellers give me oder plz

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Thank you
I agree with your thinking.
How do we get our experience if it doesn’t give our newcomers a chance?

In a different world, some buyers would give a chance to a new seller.

None of the high ranked sellers started with an advantages, they all had zeros in their gig lined up. They proved themselves and got higher. Nobody here had a golden plate in their hands with reviews and fiverr experience when starting the fiverr business.

Right now the amount of new people joining the platform skyrocketed. I admit, its harder to stand out. So you are going to have to work harder, smarter, and present yourself better. Most of the new sellers (as i observed) dont have much to contribute (judge me if i am harsh, but thats how i learned) Some post above me explained perfectly; most of the new sellers act like beggers “I will sacrifice my firstborn for 5$”
No. Thats not how it works.

I have seen gigs that are so empty, effortless and lack the background. Yet they claim they can do anything, expert at any branch of their domain.
No. Thats not how it works either. You have got to show some expertise.

And i understand, some of them are here just because they lost their jobs during the pandemic or left helpless because of their countries general economic situation. So they just jumped in for the hopes of getting some money. Sadly, just because you need something, doesnt mean you are gonna get it. After all, this is a marketplace. Not a charity.

Nobody comes to fiverr to give some new guy a chance. At least that is not the mentality here. A buyer needs something done, they come here to find a solution. While doing that, some of them might decide “hey, i think i like this guys attidute. Maybe i can give a chance to this seller.” And that happens only if their aim is something personal and not professional.

I wouldnt contact to a new seller while building my copmanies website, its my future after all. But i would contact to a new guy for a birthday party card design.

Somehow you have to be creative and stand out in this mass of new sellers.

My language might be harsh. But that is how i train myself and how i focus. I still encourage myself by acknowledging the inferiority of my work compared to some other sellers here, or some other artists i have seen on social media. That drives me to try and get better. I cant just wait someone to hold my hand and pull me up. It might happen, but i cant assume it is going to.

I hope it helps

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