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Why new sellers fail?

I am a new fiverr seller and joined 1week ago .
I want to ask that why new seller fail on fiverr because I am new and I wantto avoid all of the activities that results failure.
Guide us how to get first knowledge please share you experience and tips to help me and all other newbie to save our time and effort.

There are a couple of others on the subject but this one is most recent.

Just set goals that you can reach by your own actions and you will never fail as long as your willing to keep at it.

you are absolutely right

Thanks for your reply

You just need to answer one simple question through your gig. Why should someone buy your gig? and you are all good. And use your orignal picture so give buyer confisence.

Creating video channels and social media marketing you.
Youtube, twitter and Facebok groups

i have done all resources but still didnt get any order

I can think of one reason for newbies who perfected their gig descriptions but still fail “lack of patience.” As sellers we all need a lot of it along with a little innovation as topping.

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I got My First Order today

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@mawaz644 Okay so now you have your first order, congratulations. Make sure that you over deliver and make your customer happy so that you earn your 5 star review. Then promote your gigs everywhere you can. According to Fiverr, promoted gigs are 3 times more likely to sell, and it is proven that social media marketing is certainly the best way to go about it. Find sellers on Fiverr who will promote your Gig, and hire the services of those with a great track record. Then, as jey242 says, be patient. It is one thing that I also try to make my buyers understand. The seed you saw today won’t become a tree overnight.

Congrats! But know that communication with your buyers is important and live up to your promise of good service delivery. Cheers

I’m new also. I agree that over delivering, promoting and patience are all key ingredients to success.

Thanks dear

@magellon you said right thanks for your appreciation .

“The seed you saw today won’t become a tree overnight” such a great line.
thank you.

Yeah I used all guidelines you all given me and delivered order the buyer give me 5 star rating and positive review and also he gived me $5 tip really got amazed

I think the number one issue that new sellers have is that they haven’t found the right niche to get buyers flowing in. There are so many services one could offer here on fiver but the trick is to figure out what you could offer that everyone needs and what makes you better than other people offering that same service.

Thanks dear ypu said right