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Why new sellers stuggle to get their first job?

As you know that every new seller got some serious trouble in getting his/her first job. Many of us just give up due to this reason. I am also one of them but I am struggling and my mission is become a top seller at fiverr.

I have learnt many things during my career that I started here.

**** You have to do your work as a professional . your every statement should be like a professional although you are new but you have skills just try your best.
**** You must be online in the beginning.
**** Avoid using proxy when opening your account.
**** Focus on work not to cheat anyone.
**** Never take those projects that you don’t have idea how to do.
**** Maintain your profile and check fiverr updates.
**** Learn from fiverr stories.
**** Avoid irrelevant questions that you ask from your clients.
**** You have to response your clients fast.
**** And Be Honest.

some things which are very important you did not describe are following

  1. send 10 offers every day and describe in detail what are you offering
  2. in starting you rate must be low.
  3. share your gigs on social media to get more orders and clicks

i got my first sale, i was so happy, but i guess it was just luck, i didn’t got a second one…

Motivational Post…thanks

Because there are so many sellers with amazing positive ratings and review already available and buyers always prefer sellers after checking the reviews and ratings.

your welcome

Thank you so much for your suggestions.

you are right … so what can we do

Hello i have a problem about uploading my first fiverr work. I hope this article is right one. When i deliver my work there is only one button about upload work. I added the image about problem. Can anybody give me any advice. please help, thanks.

So what’s the problem?Click on that button and upload your work and then describe it and deliver it

So what’s the problem?Click on that button and upload your work and then describe it and deliver it

It happens sometimes,do the followintgs as it helps me whenever I face this problem-
check your internet connection,remove your browser cookies,try to log into your account again & hopefully you will see the little green upload button now.

Yeah, not to mention customer loyalty. People are more likely to go back to the same person twice than a new person once. Either way, a seller should keep trying; those buyer requests and social media shares are your best bet.

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its very important things, that you share, Thankx

when make offer to the buyer you should mark the options what you want to deliver like source file,vector file time you should follow and take care about this order you have to deliver just the work maybe Jpg file or maybe vector.

Yes, it is actually difficult for us new sellers. I have been doing all these things that you guys adviced but have gotten one order which I did with perfection and deliverd it on time also. I just pray that I get more orders…


Every top rated seller was a new seller sometime before…its takes a lots of efforts and hard-work and you have a long way to go…so good luck

It’s hard to get pageviews, let alone sales, it’s really a hopeless quest really, my new gigs don’t even appear on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Wrong! Top rated sellers are the one that got here when there was nobody here in their categories :slight_smile: