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Why new sellers stuggle to get their first job?


thanks for sharing this

Sure, some of them may have. But others made their way up the hard way

These tips are amazing. They worked effectively for me too.

Wrong again! Those were the first in their categories somewhere else then linked to here :wink:
100% newbies have no place in today’s web market :smiley:

how can i send offers??

Wrong!! not the first in their category but they provide something new and different from others and that is called efforts and hard-work…

I don’t think all newbies will agree with you…

u have to do 3 things:

  1. click on ‘upload work’, then choose file, click on ‘open’
  2. type something in the text box (it won’t let you deliver if text box is blank)
  3. click on 'deliver’
    Notes - wait till the file has finished uploading - u cant deliver before it’s finished.
    -If your delivery doesn’t require uploading anything, type ur message and click on deliver. A message will pop up asking if you are sure that you don’t want to upload anything. Click on whatever it says.

Wrong again, there’s nothing new anymore XD

Funnily enough, every thread I look at today seems to have a typo in the title!

The typo in this one is “stuggle”. I hope you’ll forgive me for pointing it out. I mean to be helpful. I’m not trying to be annoying!

as the new seller to heighlight youself bid on buyer’s requests.

go to the buyer request option

Ironic that the tips come from a new seller. Obviously there is more competition is why new sellers struggle to get their first job. But I believe consistency is key.

that is just the fact beginners always struggle to get their ist just but when they eventually get one and delivers it with all professional touch buyers will troop in for the goods

Not talking about TRS but in Photoshop category the first GiG according to high rating is just 7 months old (8000+ reviews) of a LVL2, And If I will talk about myself I just joined here 3 months ago.