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Why newbie don't get order quickly,I have little bit Idea

Hi there!
I hope you all are doing well.Do you know how to get order? If not then Read my little idea.

  1. The main thing is gig:
    You have to make a gig video of your own and also you have to upload two to three great skills videos or photos that you did.
  2. You have to be specific while making your gig title,(Gig title should be in such a way that it must not be same to any other ones gig title),how you will be specific while making your gig title?Friend don’t be afraid of it,I have an idea.For instance, If your gig is about video editing you have to go through check about video editing then there will also other tags will be there,like gaming montage,wedding videos,showreel videos,intro and outro videos etc.Now you have to check which has less service(means less sellers) you have to choose that one gig title,but it must not be same to any others gig title. …Must Read please(You have to make your SEO that is available with your gig title that also should be same to your gig title)
    2.The second thing is that you have to make your description in such a way that your gig title related words must be used two to three times.(Now a days buyers check their title and also description to compare it whether the seller is good at his skill or not).
    3.Your skill should also be related to your gig title (your gig title skills should be at first and then others down)/
  3. About seller is also one of the checking thing that buyer checks that the person has any experience related to that field or not.You should also make it in great way.
    I have made my account you can also get idea from that:

If anyone have any advice for me can also share it with me.
Thanks Regards:Ghulam Qadir