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Why no buyers :( [ARCHIVED]


Hi this is 6 or 7 days after my first gig . and i attached click impress and view section so take a look at it

why my gig have no buyers ? this is a new idea . my gig suck ? please be honest

link :


I dont really know what you sell or even who need that ?

I suggest you to look around Fiverr gigs and may find something better to sell.

All the Best,



I think your gig is perfect. promote your gig in fiverr and out of fiverr. And wait some more days. your gig is just 7 days old. so you don’t need to worry. you will get your first order very soon. good luck.


Reply to @rusni22: Thanks i also will add another . well its a young gig ? how much time it will take to get my first order ?


As @dukanu mentioned, search about the existing gigs related to web designing on fiverr. And get an idea about the demanded gigs and create your gigs accordingly. there is an option called buyer request. regularly apply in that also.