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Why no have buyer request now a days?

i noticed from many days that there is no customer or even buyer request, anyone tells me what happen?

me too, I don’t have buyer request in these day :neutral_face:

It’s Christmas time so most likely people are just taking time to spend with their families and rest instead of posting job requests


Have you sent lots of responses recently?

Many unlevelled sellers find that they see quite a few requests at first, but then that number dwindles significantly over time. They do find, though, that more requests become available when they level up.

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Hi there! I think fiverr system have updated. You only get buyer request when you have levels. ( Sellers Level Badge )

I noticed that for the last 2 months I was away and didn’t work for fiverr ( Busy at school )
and I lost my profile level badge. after sometime I came back and wanted to work again so I check out the buyer request. It’s empty! not a single. then after some time I earned back my level 1 badge then I got some few buyer request of 100+. But now I am Level 2 Seller I got 800+ Active buyer request. Any thoughts?


Ahhhh ok now i understand … thanks so much for inform me …

Thank you so much for your such a nice answer

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