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Why no help ? sad, please help me :(

Haha, do you click in because of my title? Great, but seem to come in, please advice me how my new gig and improve anything :slight_smile:

Just created yesterday, and I aiming to get 1 sale in the next 7days. Challenging myself :slight_smile:

And all the best, Fiverr seller :slight_smile:

Once you will create the new gig you should wait for getting order and you can share your gig on social media. Thank You.

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On I will design mind blowing, professional infographic gig, portfolio samples are questionable, I found a similar sample on another website >>

Your gig

I found on another website

Display only your created artwork, copied element can get you into trouble.


Yes, I had brought the software, and Had license to use any of their promotional material . Had contacted the 3rd party before doing this :slight_smile:

You know, as designer, and you choose to show someone else works, (even though you allowed) is a bad move :frowning:
Donโ€™t you have confidence in your own skill?
For me, it shows that you know other people have better skill than you, so you choose not to present your own design


The ToS does say this:

Sellers warrant that any content included in their Gigs shall be original work conceived by the Sellers and shall not infringe any third party rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks or service marks. In the event that certain music or stock-footage media are incorporated within the Gigs, Sellers represent and warrant that they hold a valid license to use such music and/or footage and to include them in the Gigs.

BUT, it also says this:

Gigs are required to have an appropriate Gig image related to the service offered. An option to upload two additional Gig images are available to all Sellers. Sellers must deliver the same quality of service as shown on their Gig images. Recurring deliveries that donโ€™t match the quality shown on the Gig images may lead to the Sellerโ€™s account losing Seller status or becoming permanently disabled.

Which is why itโ€™s best to use your own work. You know you can match it, because you made it.


In the about seller area you have yourself listed as, โ€œIโ€™m a 5-year-old product designer.โ€
I thought that was humorous :wink:


hahaha, finally someone get the point, good humour you have XD

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