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Why No offer Left in buyer request

Hello I am level 1 seller and fro last 24 hours i dont sent 10 offer till now but now today when i go buyer request then try to send offer then get error where send No OFFER Left , Even i dont sent 10 offer in last 24 hours then how can this possible ? what is the issue ?, anybody getting this error also ? please reply


Lots of people are complaining that today and it is also happening to my account.

Yeah, it’s what I came here to find out as well - must be a sitewide glitch!

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please try to contact fiverr support for this bug . it is a error

Response from fiverr team:

Matt Today at 18:17


Thank you for letting us know about this. We’re aware of the issue and our engineering and operations teams are working on resolving this urgently.

Please try again in a few hours, and if the problem persists, let us know

Best regards

Matt | Fiverr Customer Support
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This has already been reported to Customer Support in a previous topic.

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You should have an eye in the forum, fiverr has many problem for the last few days everybody faced the same problem @ritsolution

Hello now bug is solved . thanks fiveer

hi, it still not solved here, should everybody contact fiverr to let them know?

Not resolved yet…

Buyer Request Bug Report: 0 offers left today .