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Why no one is buying my gig? Help Me Please


Hi guys I created a gig 3 months ago but no one buyed my gig :pensive:
Please check out my account and tell me what you think of my gig
I would love to hear your comments, suggestions


I would first of all say “Sorry” in advance for everything I wrote below.

  1. You look like a teenager in your Profile image.
  2. Your description isn’t well written.
  3. Your profile description isn’t optimized.
  4. Your packages aren’t attractive.
  5. Your relevance to keywords is very low.


Hi I am 13 years old but I know more about computers and want to earn on Fiverr

my blogs/website and



I personally would not use " I also know more about Computers." Rather, you should list the programs you are proficient with. You need to think of what you write from the perspective of the buyer.

Your gig seems rather general and may be getting lost in the sea of similar gigs. Perhaps try find a niche, make a special offer for first few clients. You could experiment by creating another gig or two as test grounds. At the start I use to use the Analytics on a daily basis, saving screenshots and analyzing them day by day the views I got, made changes and saw what was most effective.

I cannot stress the importance of reviewing your gigs and profile as to always optimize them.

You need to be dedicated but overall if you can provide a good service you should eventually get clients, gain a positive rating and keep attracting new and repeat customers.

Good luck.

edit: You have nice blogs, you could add those for your Clients to gain a better understanding.


Updated my gig


High Five:grin:Having the same problem


One thing i do most times is that, you should study people doing what you are doing and see what makes them stand out so that you can also be making sales.Secondly use the right keywords so that when people are searching for gigs related to what you are promoting then they will find you easily,More to do, make us of the request section …Look for jobs relating to what you can do and apply for it and above all promote your gig using the social media…Tell your friends,family etc.Note, Age is just a number,What matters when we are talking about success is what you have upstairs and that is what i call a unique wisdom!