Why no one wants to order? Shoutout to my gigs


Hey, I’m new member here and I can’t wait for my gigs requests!
Its been like one day.
Please support me I’m really broke…
I will do anything for money


Hi, I’ve got the same problem. It’s not as easy as it sounds to get your first sale :confused:
I joined last month and still haven’t sold any gigs yet


:confused: Sadly, there is no supports to new members’s gigs


Lots of support available here:


Look at how others are successful in your area. Don’t copy what they do, but look at what makes the a success. Take a look at Buyer Requests too. The solutions are out there. Just keep plugging away!


Good idea cause I really need money because I am broke :frowning:


You’re 13 years old and you’re already broke :smiley:
It’s not a great start


Age is nothing, you don’t even know how I am living.
I only go to the netcafe, I’m homeless
The owner of the netcafe let me stay for free cause he has a heart.
Not like you laughing at me :cry:


If you’re really homeless then you’re definitely in the wrong place. Instead of offering prank calls for $5 you should turn to child care services.

PS. Don’t steal artwork from others and post it on your portfolio.


I’m like any human budd, I want to have my life like the other kids :frowning:


Uxreview doesn’t get your humor. You are funny though


Hello, I check your profile.
And I will like to tell you that you are truly offering the wrong gig if truly you want to have you like like other kids do.
I will suggest you create a gig stating that you will be their baby sitter, use your discretion.
I hope this help.


Doing a challenges for kids?
Editing video is for kids?
Drawing anime is for kids? (If you say yes… rip)
Doing a prank call is for kids? (Well maybe.)
What the… is wrong with you


I think you might try a different gig. I personally would do most of those things myself, except for challenges and drawing anime. If I wanted to see challenges, I would go to youtube. Try graphic design or something else that you can learn (like a skill) You could do web design, there are free classes online to learn that. Part of making money is finding a good niche that sells well.