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Why No order is coming after a warning from fiverr?

After getting 4.3 ratings and getting warning from fiverr why no orders are coming help me to figure it out guys. Thanks

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If you received a warning that means you broke the marketplace’s terms of service.

So whatever ranking your gig had is most definitely lost now.


Don’t worry try to follow the TOS Fiverr will back your ranking soon

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why you get warned please mention.
your rating is good but avoid contact buyers outside the fiverr platform because some buyer want to contact.through mobile number.
Try to follow the fiverr rules.

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because my reply on buyer feedback is not good that is why fiverr gave me warning

Make sure you do not get any further warnings.

Read this: Don't do it! .... You Have Been Warned!

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now there is any chance for new orders on this gig?

You also need to look at the underlying condition, i.e. the seller behind the gig.

If you can’t correct your attitude this will just keep happening regardless of gig, or platform.

There is no way to tell why people stop getting orders. You have some good reviews so I expect you will eventually get orders again. You have never had many orders actually so a slow down of ten days is not out of the ordinary. Whether or not it has to do with the warning, I doubt it but no one knows.

so be careful about it.

You have to be aware of these and there is nothing that can be done to give you a warning. You need to do some research for this. You have YouTube. Search there. You will find your answer.

Do all your efforts to get more :star:5 reviews and respect fiverr TOS on future.

Fiverr might put your gigs where they get less visibility after a warning, no way to tell for sure. It’s temporary though probably.