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Why no order is coming

Help me to improve my account


Keep online as much as you can. And share your Gig on social media.

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Try to be active and submit offers.

Can you please check my gigs and tell me what fault in my gigs

Order is not coming, there are some several reason with your gig. may be your gig images not attractive, your description are not eye catching, try to do it unique from others seller and do marketing in social media. continuously changed your gig, image , description until get your gig in search result. follow top seller gig and get idea, why they are get orders randomly, why not you? active at forum, read several posts, you can get idea and learn much more. best of luck.

72 clicks 351 impression 204 views still no first order why

Thank you for your advice. I have no order till now. Now I try to increase my click, view and impression.

You have lots of competition. If you had some examples of websites you have made it would help a lot.

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Check this out!

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