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Why no orders are coming?

Why I am not getting a single order? If this is happening with you also leave a reply!! Checkout my Gig and tell me what’s wrong with it Please any suggestion will be a lot **:slight_smile: **

(Sigh) You should read the other questions like this. Many of them are from logo sellers.

As we’ve explained many times here, you literally have thousands of competitors on Fiverr selling logos. There are more people selling logos than buying them and even if that weren’t the case, you are a needle in a haystack.

My advice is this: research your competition on Fiverr before you make a gig, read about supply and demand and research your question in the forum before asking it.


Try to be online most of the time and Send buyer request everyday.

Yeah I totally agree with this. I think if you want to even have a chance of making it in the logo design space then you really need to be targeting a specific niche instead of just having something generic like “I will design a professional logo for you” – it’s too broad.

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I don’t see any professionally done logo on your gig’s thumbnail.

The thumbnail itself has a poor layout.

Your title literally says “as fast as I can”. That’s kind of desperate not on par with a professional logo (whatever that means)

There are thousands of designers on this platform, all of them claim to offer professional logo design services.

Yet the portfolio samples tell a different story.

Work on your craft, hone in your skills.

There’s no shame in producing mediocre work at first. It’s a shame not getting better each and every day.


Stop parroting bad advice. Being online most of the time is not what gets people orders and it’s a very poor use of time.

You clearly saw other people saying this and decided you should say it, too. You’re all wrong and you shouldn’t give advice unless it is reputable and supported by evidence. If you can’t tell, then don’t share it.