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Why no orders help help

why no orders help help my profile


you need gig impression. Eye catchy gig image.
Active on fiverr form.
And send 10 buyer request per day.
then you will be key of success.

You really don’t want to pay attention to this advice, it’s just plain wrong. My most recent job landed at 3am in my timezone when I was well and truly asleep.

Only sent 10 buyer requests if you have 10 buyer requests that match your skillset. Do not randomly send them off in the desperate hope you’ll land a job. Buyers know when you’re desperate.

By “being active on the Fiverr forum,” the advice should be “Read the forums, as there is a lot of experience here.” Ask before you post, and don’t post just for the sake of posting. This will not give you any more orders and will have no effect on your gig ranking. 99% of the users on the forum are sellers, and the 1% who are buyers don’t pick their sellers up off the forum.

Now, looking at your gigs, you have several English grammatical mistakes that will be putting people off. Do NOT say that you’re available 24/7, because well, you can’t be and shouldn’t be available 24/7.

Do NOT offer unlimited revisions, not just because unscrupulous buyers can string you along forever and never pay you for your work, but because what this really means is that you aren’t confident enough in your work to say that you can get it right the first time. In fact, if you think about it, it means that you firmly believe that you will never get it right. Why else would you offer unlimited chances?


please send 10 buyer request per day. and shear your gig social media. and active Fiverr forum 24 hours. I hope you will be kay of success.

@mamunislam85 Did you even read my post before posting patently untrue and poor advice?