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Why no orders one month gone


Please help me why i am not getting any orders as i also have 1 review but still not getting orders. I hope u will help me . Check my gig [](http://My GIG CLICK ON THIS)

If anybody wants any app i will develop it in low rates…


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It took me 45 days before I got my first order.

Also, I have moved your post to “Improve My Gig” where it belongs. Otherwise, since it is in the wrong category your post could be removed.


Ok no problem can i get customer from this blog or anyother etc

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This is not a blog. It is a Forum. Most of the people who post here are sellers. You will not find buyers here. Mostly we discuss issues we are having with our gigs or customers. Sometimes we have fun and visit too.


From Today any tips that you can give me so i get order fast plz check my gig tell me it is good or not?